vintage van's style #39 ~ US5, US5.5, US6, US6.5, US7, US7.5, US8, US10.5


vintage van's style #39 full cab

black suede charcoal reptile

made in usa circa 1989

new in box


US5/UK4.5 (a) (gum waffle outsole portion measures 24.1cm)

US5/UK4.5 (b) new in blue wave box (gum waffle outsole portion measures 24.2cm)

US5.5/UK5 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 24.4cm)

US6/UK5.5 (a) (gum waffle outsole portion measures 24.8cm)

US6/UK5.5 (b) new in blue wave box (gum waffle outsole portion measures 25cm)



US7.5/UK6.5-7 (gum waffle outsole portion only measures 26.1cm)

US8/UK7-7.5 (gum waffle outsole portion only measures 26.5cm left 26.9cm right)

US10.5/UK9.5-10 (gum waffle outsole portion only measures 28.75cm)


1 could be mistaken to think cabs come without a padded tongue because over time the fiber-fill tongue of style #39 is prone to dry rot. the foam inside the tongue of all the above has succumbed to this in varying degrees. the foam is not sticky or crusted but does permeate through the tongue lining to leave a dusty coating on the footbed. as such the tongue is veritably empty & in some cases the lining was cut by the previous owner to release the black dust. this can be repaired. the foam of the inner collar, footbed nor any component of the shoe has NOT suffered. the (b) options above are early 90s productions which do feature tongues with better foam integrity & lack off the wall heel tabs. some boxes do show water damage. the US10.5 box incorrectly lists US11.5. the US8 was possibly tried on instore, does not have the off the wall heel tab & box is listed US7.5. otherwise mint!

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