vintage van's style #44 ¬ US4.5, US5, US5.5, US6, US7. US7.5


vintage van's style #44 authentic

disney dopey print canvas

made in usa circa 1994



USw9.5/US7.5N/UK7N (a) (picture 1)



USw9.5/US7.5N/UK7N (b) (picture 2)

used (excellent used condition)


USw9/US7N/UK6.5N (pictures 3 & 4)

used (very good used condition. minor wear through inside toe cap to canvas. 1 area of separation between uppers & rubber at toe crease)


*USw8/US6N/UK5.5N (pictures 5-7)

used (good used condition. machine washed(?) & resulting canvas fade. 2 areas separation between uppers & rubber at toe crease with minor hardening)


USw7.5/US5.5N/UK5N (a) (picture 8)



USw7.5/US5.5N/UK5N (b) (picture 9 & 10)

used (excellent used condition. right shoe saw light/heat exposure with resulting dryness & wrinkling upon bending which may lead to premature aging)


USw7/US5N/UK4.5N (picture 11)

used (excellent used condition. very minor stress cracks below foxing stripe)


USw6.5/US4.5N/UK4N (a) (pictures 12 & 13)

used (good used condition. stress cracking below foxing stripe)


USw6.5/US4.5N/UK4N (b) (picture 14)

like new (minor age spotting)


please note disney vans were produced in womens sizing only with resulting narrow width more suitable for the female foot. wear at own risk!

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