SOLS deck shoes x pillowHeat ~ a fated/fortuitous collab in the #yearofthechukka December 10 2018

the seed was planted by my younger french brother #tVAN back in early '17, tagging me in the post via parisian connoissuermers @starcowparis, in the form of the sexiest chukka i had seen in over 20 years!

vans 50th anniversary heritage displays ~ vans museum vans archive March 16 2017


stock hunting 101 ~ can you dig it? (jay zedda x sardinia 1984/2005/2012) September 08 2015



By the end of the 80s (Surf & Co) was the only core skate and surf shop in Cagliari, Sardinia (where I was) born and raised. I could not afford to buy new stuff also my mom was not going to buy me 20 pairs of shoes just cause I loved the design, lol. That created a monster!

One (2005) day walking by I noticed that they had this window with just old made in the usa Vans. It was crazy, I am talking about pure 80s stuff, like a time machine into a 80's skateboard shop window. I was gifted two pairs for my birthday, i went to hunt for more but i couldn't find anything.... I remember also they were not much into selling them.

(Then in 2012) I managed to speak with the son of the owner and i understood that there were some pairs left but most importantly that they were down to sell them! I was trying acting cool while inside me i was like "40 plus pairs"???? are you kidding me??

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ paninaro hipsters! ~ the history of vans x wp lavori in corso August 11 2015

following on from our previous discussion in issue 26 about vans early collaborative efforts, we focus now on a vans relationship with an oft-forgotten italian subculture & associated boutique which in many ways deserves the most credit yet which ....

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ collab experiments! ~ the history of vans collaboration May 18 2015

Here Under the RADar we seek to bring to a wider audience the (arts &) crafts of the Vans back catalog which flew low & barely registered on the radar of radical. We dig deep for the long lost narratives & day-to-day operations of the van doren rubber company which seemingly went unnoticed & somewhat unloved. Often these products & pasttimes (such as ankle guards, factory-to-you customs or friction scenes) were taken for granted at the time however proved to be pioneering & light years ahead. Another trail that was blazed by Vans that would prove profoundly influential was their early work in collaborative efforts

pillowHeat x sneaker freaker ¬ BIG SHOES TO FILL ~ the history of vans clown shoes March 28 2015

from a brand who's tag line is off the wall & who from the beginning were renowned for playful antics & a goofball attitude.... is it actually a surprise that vans made clown shoes?? when you understand the grass roots of where the van doren rubber company began, you soon realsie that anything goes when trying to build your name from scratch in the footwear industry....

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ scene & not herd! ~ the history of vans print & friction scene March 06 2015

printed canvas has played a huge part in the evolution of the vans brand however to tell the story we have to set the 'scene' so to speak....

stock hunting 101 ~ can you dig it? (yuri rabinovitz x marseille 2005) January 03 2015

"The story goes like this;.... I was in marseille for a break and I bumped into an old skater friend of mine… He was rocking a pair of canvas two tone era’s, straight away I noticed they were US ones. the shape..... Anyhow she said to me that her dad had a warehouse in the countryside and that they had quite a few pairs there if I wanted. they’d been there for 20 plus years..."

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ custom(er) culture ~ the history of vans customs December 04 2014

 with house of vans opening in august and now proceeding to cement itself as the premier london establishment of core, community and creativity, the visit of steve van doren to said opening reinforces for me....

PRESS ~ MOVING IMAGES October 27 2014

thanx 2 ed at huck magazine

NEW PHYSICAL SHOP ¬ 1st look & the most epic of visitors September 02 2014

new physical shop! ¬
161b lower clapton road
london uk

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ vans peanuts collection review/comparison August 31 2014

is it just me or are snoopy & the peanuts gang having an extended global moment in the collective unconscious right now??

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ changing of the guard ~ the history of vans ankle guards July 19 2014

the time is 1976. the place is southern caifornia. the legendary z-boys of dogtown have revolutionised skateboarding from a 60's sidewalk-based recreational paradigm.... IS LIVE! ¬ activity update May 20 2014

welcome to the website!

i would love to say 'new' website but essentially we have not had 1 until now. hopefully you find this resource easier to traverse than our previous disjointed combination of blog et al....

theothersideofthepillow phase II ¬ NEW PHYSICAL SHOP OPENING SOON! May 19 2014

as you may or may not know we closed our original wilton way location late 2013. we are happy to announce however we have secured a dream east london location for the second incarnation of theothersideofthepillow! (opening 06.14)

#flyOFFthewall vintage showcase GALLERY ¬ vans archive photo recap January 23 2014

have you ever longed to be a fly on the wall during the factory-to-you handmade era of vans canvas casuals..... or in this case, a fly OFF the wall??


As you may or may not know we have closed for business after nearly 5 years on wilton way, but dont worry this is not the last you will hear from of the other side of the pillow...

anatomy of a vans shoe July 02 2013

style profile ¬ DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS February 13 2013

If there was ever 1 solid #style44 #vansauthentic & 1 2-tone #style95 #vansera that embody the spirit of the brand...what colours would they be?

Signed Van Doren Rubber Co shirt from the man himself! December 30 2012

If you follow our (self)indulgence in original vans memorabilia via this page you may recognise this t-shirt which has made a few appearances, photographed here with the plan to sell...

9,10,11.11.12 ¬ TOSOTP x VAN DOREN X VAULT X WARPED November 12 2012

no caption will capture this moment

style profile ¬ vans style #38 sk8-hi October 31 2012

not sure of the exact date of this ad which we have posted b4, however being so loaded with significance it deserves greater attention.....

style profile ¬ VANS style #36 old skool October 22 2012


we are the 1st to admit our having overlooked style #36 & somehow allowed it to roll smooth like a silent assassin under our own internal RADar....