vintage van's style #36 ~ US8


Sold Out

vintage van's style #36 old skool

navy/china blue suede/canvas

made in usa circa 1991

new in box

US8/UK7 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27.4/26.9cm)


THESE ARE NOT THE CLASSIC DOUBLE-NAVY, BUT CHINA BLUE CANVAS WITH MALLARD-LIKE TONE. unworn however both shoes show display yellowing to rubber. also despite being the same exact spec/size, this was not an original grouped pair. the box logo insole is slighter later prodcution than the vinyl heel insert insole. otherwise despite measuring slightly different, they fit the same, accurate at US8. the rubber on the whole is soft except for the right shoe, exactly at the bend area which sadly will crack in that area. otherwise they will hold up to normal wear. wear at own risk

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