vintage van's style #95 ~ US8.5


Sold Out

vintage van's style #95 era

D21 vans scratch print canvas

black rubber scene

made in usa circa 1989


US8.5/UK7.5-8 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27.1cm)


these are unworn however show storage wear & impression marks. all black rubber remains soft & flexible despite impression marks. over time the bumper softened & was adjacent to waffle in storage & resulted in the waffle impression on the bumper. this should not be problematic however the red foxing stripe has hardened, shows surface cracking & will flake away at bends. from experience the stripe will crack & may slightly erode into the black rubber underneath slightly but still hold up to normal wear. the waffle, bumper & sidewall are otherwise unaffected. wear at own risk

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