vintage van's style #36 ~ US9.5


vintage van's style #36 old skool

white suede

made in usa circa 1995


US9.5/UK8.5 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 28cm)


excellent used condition. shoes were used convertible-style as slippers, with heel folded manually inside. resulting form is misshapen however will re-form with regular wear. the internal heel counter was bent however shows no sign of cracking internally. the collar was clamped for a short time to photograph the shoes however unless worn regularly the shape will return to slipper form. otherwise shoes show very little wear. midsole shows some impression marks however rubber remains soft & flexible with micro-cracking at heel only & 1 flesh wound at the toe. laces not original & are short. the foam on these has compressed only however may be prone to breakdown over time which may leave black residue inside the shoe & turn socks black.

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