vintage van's style #95 ~ US9 ?


vintage van's style #95 era

black canvas

made in usa circa 1988


US9?/UK8-8.5? (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27.4cm)


very good used condition. these were originally a 2-tone combination of neon yellow quarters & light blue however were diy submerge dyed by previous owner. only where the adhesive forms a seal over tha canvas at the internal quarters is this noticeable however the internal lining & insole are now black. the osnaburg canvas which is embedded in the sidewall is also blackened which can be seen through the rubber, giving the friction a grey-ish tone. all rubber is super soft & flexible however & structurally they remain ok, despite widespread stress cracking from crush injury during storage. also during storage they lay adjacent to a pair with wet rotten tacky sidewalls which is caked on the uppers & rubber in minor areas. this should be an easy clean. the canvas has not stiffened. the internal heels show significant wear to the lining however the plastic heel counter remains intact. sizes no longer visible but very confident of US9.

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