pillowHeat x kool stop int'l ~ keychain


pH x kool stop int'l

vans brake shoes keychain (45mm height, 50mm length)

made in usa


you remember the classic KS brake blokes for your 80s bikes, now made available exclusively as rad keychains only via pillowHeat! the same og mould with 'ksi '86', waffle tooling & vans heel tab.

25 colour variants available complete with ring & fork. no packaging but will include a kool stop sticker, while stocks last. some lighter colours do show scuff marks from storage. now not compatible as brake pads & just to accessorise. ksi inform me the translucent examples are limited production & not available hereafter.

colours include;

og lavander

og lt. purple

og hot pink

og orange

og yellow

og red

og white

og black

og navy

og sky blue

og apple green

og dk. green

og(?) marble red/wh/blue

marble blue/blk/yellow

trans. yellow

trans. blue

trans. red

trans. orange

trans. green

trans. petrol green

trans. clear

trans. clear (+ pink tones)

trans. mutant green blends

trans. mutant red/green blend

trans. mutant red/wh/green blend


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