SOLS/pillowHeat vp549161 ~ 23cm, 24cm, 25cm, 26cm. 27cm, 28cm


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SOLS/pillowHeat #vp549161 chukka

gold/royal suede/full crepe rubber

handmade in kurume japan circa 2018

new in box


jp23cm (fits like US5.5{-US6?} modern vans,  wave-cut gum outsole measures 24.6cm, insole measures 22.6cm)

jp24cm (fits like US6.5{-US7?} modern vans, wave-cut gum outsole measures 25.7cm, insole measures 23.9cm)

jp25cm (fits like US7.5{-US8?} modern vans, wave-cut gum outsole measures 26.9cm, insole measures 25.4cm)

jp26cm (fits like US8.5{-US9?} modern vans, wave-cut gum outsole measures 27.9cm, insole measures 26.5cm)

jp27cm (fits like US9.5{-US10?} modern vans, wave-cut gum outsole measures 28.9cm, insole measures 27.7cm)

jp28cm (fits like US10.5{-US11?} modern vans, wave-cut gum outsole measures 29.9cm, insole measures 28.6cm)


PLEASE NOTE THE CHUKKAS APPEAR TO FIT BIGGER THAN 1ST THOUGHT! please view the new size chart.... but this is only a guide. the measurements are still correct & i recommend referring to this.

im proud to announce the AVAILABILITY for my long awaited first shoe in collaboration with @solsdeckshoes out of kurume japan. its obvious what brand is in my blood but these are not van's. they are however manufactured in the very same way van's were during their usa-made era & is a practice which speaks deeply to me. these were produced out of moonstar factory using the same old-world vulcanisation & full crepe rubber as original vans. they are not vintage & they are not pre-owned. they have zero rubber integrity issues & replicate that feeling of fresh out the box van's or keds or converse or sperry back in the day! saying that they are handmade & handcrafted variables are celebrated as part of their uniqueness.


the product has now landed however they will only be available online or by appointment via my now dormant clapton store (e58eq).  CHECK THE SIZE GUIDE (LAST PIC) & PLEASE ENSURE YOU ORDER HERE THE CORRECT SIZE! these shoes are handmade so exact measurements may differ from pair to pair.


moonstar factory primarily produces for the local japanese market & all sizes are in regional cm format, plus i must apologise because 28cm is the largest size they offer. the sample size 26cm is pictured in full & all internal & external measurements are provided. from experience 26cm fits between a vans US8.5-9. admittedly the chukkas utilise a narrow last & fit slimmer than modern chukkas & may be more suitable for people with narrow-normal feet. this info & the size chart provided are only a guide however.


i am grateful to all my supporters over the years for helping me to reach this moment. producing my own shoes always seemed like a distant dream however when your bread & butter are expensive shoes discountinued over 20 years ago, you are always up against it. in the face of limited vintage supply, questionable rubber & adverse size breakdowns i am stoked to offer something of equal integrity as old vans at a reasonable price in near complete size run! of course my loyalties are with van's & my inspiration is obvious however i forsee the chukka silhouette as public license & one which van's are not taking ownership of like they should. they are not a 1-to-1 with a style #49 chukka. we 'mastered' the golden suede, high white foxing, popping royal bumper, 5 eyelets, deeper 'feathers', intersecting collar stitch, additional high heel panel, osnaburg friction, tacky sidewalls, narrow last, medial scoop, towelling insoles, premium vinyl collar & wave-cut gum outsole! i would never step on the toes of an icon such as the old skool or authentic but at the same time i wanted to deliver to my followers what they devote countless hours to sourcing. the exciting thing is to grasp the possibility that despite conflicting arguments, old-world vulcanisation is still possible & very real! what we decide to do with this info is now up to you. you dig?

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