vintage van's style #19 ¬ US3, *US3.5, US4, US4.5, US5.5


vintage van's style #19 cvo custom #239

polka dot print white canvas

customade in usa circa 1988

new in box


USw5/US3N/UK2.5N (narrow fitting)

*USw5.5/US3.5N/UK3 (narrow fitting)

USw6/US4N/UK3.5 (narrow fitting)

USw6.5/US4.5/UK4 (narrow fitting)

USw7.5/US5.5N/UK5 (narrow fitting)


the US womens 5.5 shows extensive discolouration resulting from exposure to light. resulting dryness & wrinkling will lead to premature aging. see last 3 pics. wear at own risk

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