vans style 44 ± US8, US7.5, US5, US4, US3


vintage vans style #44 authentic

floral tea tapestry

made in usa circa 1993



USw10N/US8Nn/UK7.5NN (extra narrow fitting) pictures 1-3

used (excellent used condition. minor wet rot to right heel, should not effect wear)


USw9.5/US7.5N/UK7N (narrow fitting) pictures 4-8 SOLD OUT! €95

used (very good used condition. saw exposure to light with resulting yellowed midsole, hardened/crusted rubber mainly to later left foxing stripe. wrinkling upon bend may lead to premature aging. micro cracking to midsole. left brass eyelet missing)


USw7/US5N/UZ4.5N (a) (narrow fitting) pictures 9-10

used (very good used condition. leather laces not original, 1 area of significant separation between uppers & rubber while other areas have been diy glue repaired. some wrinkling upon bending)


USw7/US5N/UK4.5N (b) (narrow fitting) pictures 11-12

used (excellent used condition. minor hardening to foxing stripe & widespread wrinkling upon bending may lead to premature aging)


USw6/US4N/UK3.5N (narrow fitting) pictures 13-15

used (widespread hardening & crusting of rubber will lead to premature aging. barefoot spillage to footbed & wear to inside to cap through to uppers)


USw5/US3N/UK2.5N (narrow fitting) pictures 16-17

used ( cured/solidified midsole in parts will lead to widespread cracking & flaking of rubber)


please note the the ftt was produced in women's sizes only & come up narrow compared to modern fit. they suit better a female foot however not exclusively. the US women's 10 however is an extra narrow fit & should only suit skinny feet. wear at own risk!

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