vintage van doren style #46 ~ US8 ?


vintage van doren style #46 deck shoes

natural full grain suede/leather

made in usa circa 1978


US8?/UK7-7.5? (blue portion outsole measures 27.9cm)


these have seen significant life however are almost beyond wearing! whats left of the entire first foxing has cured/solidified & will continue to crack & chip away. even the top half of the friction is brittle & will endure cracks. the blue outsole by design is very rigid however even this may crack. the insole is super thin & essentially rock hard. these can be worn but will leave a trail of rubber & will not be forgiving in any way. mainly a collectors piece. the vinyl heel pads are missing. no original laces. despite all this the uppers remain super soft & would be cool slippers! size is no longer visible however measure up as US8 if not US7.5. please check measures.

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