vintage van (quality) style #19 ~ US6


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vintage van (quality) style #19 plimsoll

pendleton!? (provide-your-own) plaid wool (disneyland frontier land exclusive?!)

made in usa circa 1972?


USw8/US6/UK5-5.5 (waffle portion outsole measures 25.4cm)


pre-vans, pre-van doren, #style 19 possibly from the late 60's but more likely early 70's. an incredible museum-worthy relic! it is standard for rubber of this age to have perished, especially on these plimsolls..... HOWEVER THESE ARE SUPER SOFT & READY TO GO. this is a collector piece and is truly deserving of preservation! vans from this era may surface again but very rarely unworn & in a strong womens size like this, which are far better for display. 

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