vintage van's silver era jacket ~ XXL


vintage van's silver jacket

style #95 era embroidery logo

100% nylon shell, 85/15% acetate/nylon lining

made in usa circa 1991


XXL (pit to pit measures 75cm, back collar to waist at back 65cm , back collar to waist from front 74cm)


superb used condition. has seen very little wear. outer shell is full of original lustre/shine. underside of wrists are somewhat grubby however should clean with gentle hand wash. otherwise the shell shows minimal nylon streaking, several minor caught threads & small pin-hole blemishes. the embroidery is near flawless as is the internal lining, apart from some thinning holes near the waist. 90s xxl fit towards modern xl but not quite. xxl fits shorter than the xl.... however this is only based on the tension of the lining. the lining will stretch over time & release the excess of shell 'uppers' not calculated in those measurements, to provide greater length. check measures!

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