vintage van's style #124(?) ~ US10 ?


Sold Out

vintage van's style #24 basketball high (?)

gold lurex (provide-your-own)

customade in usa circa 1972


US10?/UK9-9.5 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 28.5cm, insole measures 28cm)


very good used condition. these are bespoke provide-your-own customs. sadly the rubber has perished in part over the years. the top layer of first foxing shows widespread curing/solidification, as does the second foxing, which are likely to crack upon bends. this material did not bond so well with the rubber & widespread separation from uppers has occurred & may continue. the bumper & toe caps are also brittle in part. the waffle & friction itself are unaffected however. the internal heel counter has stiffened but is intact. size 10 is written in biro inside the collar & im confident this is accurate. from experience these can be worn however they are likely to crack upon bends with unsightly loss of rubber chunks but thereafter will hold up to wear. wear at own risk!

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