vintage van's style #38 ~ US8.5 ish


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vintage van's style #38 sk8-hi

navy/burgundy suede/canvas

made in usa circa 1994


US8.5?/UK7.5-8? (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27.6cm)


very good used condition. the rubber midsole however does show firmness in places, mostly towards the toe & heels. these areas are brittle & will crack & flake away over time. the crucial areas around the toe crease bend are not brittle as such but will show some breakdown. it is primarily the first foxing (stripe area) only. the friction & waffle are unaffected. they will hold up to normal wear however with unsightly rubber loss upon bends. otherwise intermittent micro-cracking, minimal separation with uppers at seams. size not visible but confident of US8.5. some wear to internal lining of suede at big toes. wear at own risk!

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