vintage van's style #44 ~ US10


Sold Out

vintage van's style #44 authentic

pine canvas

made in usa circa 1993


US10/UK9-9.5 (gum waffle outsole portion measure 28.6cm)


very good used condition. i sold these last year however they were returned after the footbed foam crusted away. on closer inspection the majority of the insole had succumbed to dry rot. i was left no choice but to remove the insole. the foam flaked away at  the heel however was unaffected from the forefoot forward & as such only the top canvas layer was removed. i included a replacement insole however they really require a new one. the feel will be somewhat different however comfort remains as-is. rubber itself remains soft & flexible with only minor dryness & wrinkling upon bend.  the overglue & adhesive in the first foxing area on the uppers has dried, discoloured & oxidised however. this may lead to premature separation between uppers & rubber at the toe crease area especially. wear at own risk

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