vintage van's style #49 ~ US4.5, US5, US6.5


vintage van's style #49 chukka boot

purple suede

black rubber scene

made in usa circa 1990

new in box


US4.5/UK4 ((gum waffle outsole portion measures cm)

US5/UK4.5 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 24cm)

US6.5/UK6 (gum waffle outsole portion measures cm)


the US6.5 is pictured in full & has high foxing with a black foxing stripe. the right shoe saw exposure to light as display floor model with resulting suede fade. the over glue has oxidised slightly & may lead to premature separation between uppers & rubber at toe creases. from experience however will hold up to normal wear.

the US4.5 (3rd last pic) & US5 (2nd & last pics) have low foxing, without the foxing stripe. the US5 box lists US5.5

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