vintage van's style #53 ~ US6, US6.5, US8


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vintage van's style #53 ez v

black suede

black rubber scene & lug outsole

made in usa circa 1996

new in box


USw8/US6/UK5.5 (black lug outsole measures 25.8cm)

USw8.5/US6.5/UK6 (black lug outsole measures 26.2cm)

USw10/US8/UK7.5 (black lug outsole measures 26.9cm)


the USw8 is pictured in full.

the rubber on all pairs remains soft & flexible despite some impression marks, which can indicate rubber hardening. these are all womens sizing & suit best the female foot or men with narrow-normal feet.

the USw10 is pictured last (see last 3 pics). these were worn indoors only with minimal surface grit to the lug sole.

for the the USw8.5 see the 4th 5th & 6th last pics.

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