vintage van's style #59 ~ US8.5


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vintage van's style #59 era

navy suede

made in usa circa 1993

new in box

US8.5/UK7-7.5 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27cm)


seen wear but well loved & remains structurally sound. rubber is soft & flexible for the most parts & the important areas ie toes & toe creases. some separation has occured there but the worst damage is done. there is however hardening of first foxing rubber at the heels & round the back/sides. significant separation medial left shoe from bmx pressure & rubber s brittle & likely to continue to flake away. protuberance at right leather mustache of heel may cause discomfort to achilles but has been softened. minimal wear to internal toe caps. still plenty life left. colour appears black confident was originally navy with fade

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