vintage van's style #95 ~ US10 ?


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vintage van's style #95 era

red tri check check canvas

made in usa circa 1985


US10?/UK9-9.5? (gum waffle outsole portion measures 28.7cm left 29cm right)


excellent used condition. most importantly the first foxing remains super soft & flexible, where it meets the canvas with only minimal separation from uppers & minor stress cracking. there is however an unusual fault line at the top of the friction sidewall. the fault line on the right shoe remains at the top of the sidewall & shows hardening in a couple areas only. the fault line on the left shoe however traverses below the top edge into the sidewall & presents hairline cracking. the line passes through the bumper & shows cracking therein. ive never seen this however im confident the crack wont effect wear or longevity. otherwise, one heel insert is mising as are the og laces. the right shoes measures slightly longer than the left. size looks barely visible as US10 & im confident of such, if not US10.5. wear at own risk!

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