vintage van's style #95 ~ US10 ?



vintage van's style #95 era

white canvas

made in usa circa 1995


US10XW/UK9-9.5XW (gum waffle outsole portion measures 28.9cm left, 29.4cm right)


good used condition. the first foxing (stripe area) has cured/solidified around the heel panel but largely due to significant stiffening of the internal heel counter, which is rigid & will crack if crushed. otherwise the white rubber remains largely soft & flexible except for the lateral left side & medial right sides, which may crack acutely upon bends. widespread micro stress cracking visible from crush injury during storage. THESE ARE CUSTOM EXTRA EXTRA WIDE FITTING & i can just make out the xw & what looks like an adjacent 10. saying that the right shoe is almost half a size bigger. the wide fit results in excess canvas more than a wider rubber & as such suits fat feet vs wide feet. from experience these should hold up to normal wear with possible cracking on the left sides of each shoe. wear at own risk!

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