vintage van's style #95 ~ US9


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vintage van's style #95 era

black on bright orange summerleaf print

made in usa circa 1987

used in box

US9/UK8-8.5 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27.8cm)


very good used condition. most liekly machine washed but rubber remains soft & flexi. some separation between midsole & uppers at toe creases. minimla stress cracking between bumper & first foxing. piping has separated from left tongue. wear to lining of internal heel cap but no cracking or breakdown. split to vinyl collar of left heel exposing foam. footbed & inner lining unaffected however some minimal wear to internal toe cap through to canvas. colour is bright orange & more vivid than photos suggest. box is of correct era & print but is incorrect size & colourway

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