vintage van's style #95 ~ US9.5 ?


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vintage van's style #95 era

burgundy scanvas

made in usa circa 1991


US9.5/UK8.5-9 (gum waffle outsole portion measures 27.7cm)


good used condition. these saw limited wear however are a bit knackered. most importantly all rubber remains soft & flexible..... apart from very minimal spotting at the edge of the waffle which did see some wet-rot melt. the melt was sticky at one time with rubber blemishes on the uppers. otherwise they show widespread micro stress cracking from crush injury however all rubber will hold up to normal wear. the insole shows wear to the edges & some foam erosion, especially to the right ball of foot. wear also to the lining around those edges. the right collar shows damage with all medial foam missing & some splitting at the back. the splits were repaired with glue which has crusted & may cause discomfort. the waffle has discoloured however remains soft. size is only just visible as US9.5 & pretty confident of that


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