stock hunting 101 ~ can you dig it? (jay zedda x sardinia 1984/2005/2012) September 08 2015



By the end of the 80s (Surf & Co) was the only core skate and surf shop in Cagliari, Sardinia (where I was) born and raised. I could not afford to buy new stuff also my mom was not going to buy me 20 pairs of shoes just cause I loved the design, lol. That created a monster!

One (2005) day walking by I noticed that they had this window with just old made in the usa Vans. It was crazy, I am talking about pure 80s stuff, like a time machine into a 80's skateboard shop window. I was gifted two pairs for my birthday, i went to hunt for more but i couldn't find anything.... I remember also they were not much into selling them.

(Then in 2012) I managed to speak with the son of the owner and i understood that there were some pairs left but most importantly that they were down to sell them! I was trying acting cool while inside me i was like "40 plus pairs"???? are you kidding me??

pillowHeat x sneakers MAG ¬ under the RADar ¬ collab experiments! ~ the history of vans collaboration May 18 2015

Here Under the RADar we seek to bring to a wider audience the (arts &) crafts of the Vans back catalog which flew low & barely registered on the radar of radical. We dig deep for the long lost narratives & day-to-day operations of the van doren rubber company which seemingly went unnoticed & somewhat unloved. Often these products & pasttimes (such as ankle guards, factory-to-you customs or friction scenes) were taken for granted at the time however proved to be pioneering & light years ahead. Another trail that was blazed by Vans that would prove profoundly influential was their early work in collaborative efforts

stock hunting 101 ~ can you dig it? (yuri rabinovitz x marseille 2005) January 03 2015

"The story goes like this;.... I was in marseille for a break and I bumped into an old skater friend of mine… He was rocking a pair of canvas two tone era’s, straight away I noticed they were US ones. the shape..... Anyhow she said to me that her dad had a warehouse in the countryside and that they had quite a few pairs there if I wanted. they’d been there for 20 plus years..."