vintage van's style #44 ¬ US4.5, *US5, US6, US7, US8


vintage van's style #44 authentic

disney mickey mouse print

black rubber scene

made in usa circa 1990-1992



USw10/US8N/UK7.5N (a) (picture 1 & 2)

used (style #44a with standard thick sole. excellent used condition. minor heel tab peel. minor micro wrinkles to foxing stripe)


USw10/US8N/UK7.5N (b) (picture 3)

used (very good used condition. minor wear to inside toe cap through to canvas. 1 heel tab missing but is included)


USw9/US7N/UK6.5N (picture 4-6)

used (excellent used condition. staining to right shoe. minor micro-cracking to rubber on left shoe. minor heel tab peel)

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USw8/US6N/UK5.5N (picture 7)

used (excellent used condition. minor heel tab peel)

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*USw7/US5N/UK4.5N (a) (pictures 8 & 9)

used (good used condition. minor heel tab peel. wear to inside heel. text on midsole)

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USw7/US5N/UK4.5N (b) (picture 10)

used (excellent used condition. both heel tabs missing)

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USw6.5/US4.5N/UK4N (a) (pictures 11 & 12)

used (excellent used condition. significant heel tab peel. micro cracking to midsole)


USw6.5/US4.5N/UK4N (b) (picture 13)

used (excellent used condition. heel tab peel)



please note disney vans were produced in womens sizing only with resulting narrow width more suitable for the female foot. the mickey mouse models were available with a standard thick sole or thinner sole. the above are all thinner b soles except for the 1st pair pictured. resulting from this the heel tabs came in 2 sizes (see last pic) & did have the tendency to peel away & dislodge . wear at own risk!

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