9,10,11.11.12 ¬ TOSOTP x VAN DOREN X VAULT X WARPED November 12 2012

you may have seen this tee being held in the same fashion before? i was re-enacting the time sitting in the very office of the man himself who was now standing in my 'office'!

before you ask, i was going to sell this tee, until this moment.... alas i will now have to hang on to it.

so we opened the 'vault' for the man himself. for those who missed the action, here's a taste of the flavour now packed away again til the official 'archive' opens. a prospect now less of a pipe dream!

& the sun going down wasn't the end of our fun!

i then had to pinch myself as me & my girl steph sat across eachother in conversation with stevie & christian RESPECTively! we spoke at length (& depth) about skating, vans, life & spirit with 2 individuals who despite spending most of their lives getting fresh air, remain grounded & more down to earth than you can imagine.

i have nothing but the GReatest AtTITUDE for the numerological alignment, the hard work, & the support of the Vans Europe family which conspired to make events this weekend to unfold as they did.