pillowHeat.com IS LIVE! ¬ activity update May 20 2014

welcome to the website!

i would love to say 'new' website but essentially we have not had 1 until now. hopefully you find this resource easier to traverse than our previous disjointed combination of blog et al.

as you may or may not know we closed our original wilton way location late 2013 however have a new east london location (opening 06.14).

to be honest when we first opened for business in 2009 i didnt even know what a blog was.... & blogger was already outdated by the time we began. our blog component is now integrated here with selected posts yl the blogspot will remain online however as a dormant archive only

there will however be a short overlap period whereby products will still be available via our big cartel site. all new products will be uploaded & available via pillowHeat.com only & over time all products will make the crossover until the big cartel is redundant.

facebook appears to be dying, if not dead already, tumblr resembles now tumble weed & for the time being instagram is our driving force. follow us via @pillowHeat for product updates, insight into rare archive items not for sale & for general discussion about the history of the vans brand.